ghetto blaster

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(ghetto) blaster

and (ghetto) box (ˈgɛdo blæstɚ and ˈgɛdo bɑks)
n. a huge portable stereo, often carried on the shoulder. (Associated with blacks.) Hey, turn down that ghetto blaster in here!
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He said: "Nothing will stop us getting the old ghetto blaster out before kick-off.
Everyone knows about the ghetto blaster in the dressing- room.
HELL: Edna could not get to sleep; LOUD: John's ghetto blaster
Three weeks ago, Mone gave evidence at Perth Sheriff Court and told how a fellow con stabbed him in a row over a ghetto blaster.
The Sheffield United star has spent the festive period suffering at the hands of his family's ghetto blaster, while enjoying a traditional Zimbabwe Christmas.
A con stabbed evil killer Robert Mone in a prison row over a ghetto blaster, a court heard yesterday.
The indie star accidentally tripped the legendary actor - who tumbled down a flight of stairs - with the lead from a ghetto blaster.
So now I can't help picturing Camilla in her crocheted Rasta cap stirring up bubbling pans with the ghetto blaster pumping out Bob's greatest hits.
GHETTO blaster Odion Ighalo used to train with bullets flying over his head as police chased gangs across the pitch.
He took what was described as a ghetto blaster from a kitchen work surface before returning downstairs to the pub and leaving.
In fact, it was a ghetto blaster (under-25s can Google that).
A small, unplugged ghetto blaster looks like the only thing able to cough up any music.
BACK in the 1980s you were no one unless you had 12 inch versions of the coolest songs blarring out of your ghetto blaster.
Six years ago, under Flintoff's captaincy, injury-hit England levelled the series with a memorable 212-run win against India in Mumbai after being fired up by a lunchtime hoedown around the dressing room ghetto blaster.
As I was going in wrestle, or box, I could hear the sound of rock roll coming from a ghetto blaster, from some members of the Tyne & Wear Rock 'n' Roll Society, and there was also the roar of the crowd.