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ghetto bird

A police helicopter, especially one that monitors or patrols through particularly impoverished areas of a city. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I didn't sleep at all because of that damn ghetto bird hovering over our neighborhood all night long!
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mod. super; cool. (Streets.) He called the iced out pimp 100 percent ghetto.

ghetto bird

1. n. someone who hangs around the [black] neighborhood. Sam is just a ghetto bird who has lots of skills but no job.
2. n. a police helicopter. I see the light. Some ghetto bird is headed this way.
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(ghetto) blaster

and (ghetto) box (ˈgɛdo blæstɚ and ˈgɛdo bɑks)
n. a huge portable stereo, often carried on the shoulder. (Associated with blacks.) Hey, turn down that ghetto blaster in here!
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ghetto box

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ghetto booty

n. big buttocks on a black woman. Look at that ghetto booty on that mama.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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After surveying historical variations of ghettos and the context of German transformation in the last two decades, Stehle unfurls her study in three chapters.
The Venetian ghetto provided the Jews a place within society so that they were not expelled as they were in England, France, Spain and Portugal, says Ravid.
In some ways, the iconic ghetto reflects the old version of racism that led to Till's death.
The very setting of the footage in the Ghetto implies an advanced historical stage in the program of annihilation.
A month later, Ringelblum's archive records the celebration of Purim in the ghetto.
For a time the Jewish hospital (where the school was located) was outside the ghetto walls.
All these images might be thought to sit awkwardly with the notion of the ghetto as a place of unremitting horror, as might the fact that it was policed by Jews.
When I walk through what is left of the ghetto, I can't help but think of the residents of Gaza, who are locked in a giant open-air prison and bombed by fighter jets and assault helicopters flown by people who I have served with in the past.
Brooke and Ghetto continued to add new friends/members to the line-up, and through they never courted it as aggressively as they could have, they found little success touring the States.
What is truly astounding and ironical though is that the PA leadership under Mahmoud Abbas expects full and unconditional support for this ghetto from a country such as South Africa whose ANC-led government rejected similar soft-options in the form of "Bantustans" and opted instead to remain focused on the defeat of apartheid through armed struggle.
And his leading man Siddharth as ghetto boy Surya wasn't exactly running down oversized water pipes with a fullthroated Jai ho chant either.
We started Ghetto Fabulous as part of the qualifiers for the World Hip Hop Championships in Los Angeles.
CDATA[ Archivists at the Museum of the Ghetto Fighters are working patiently, frantically, to find the remains of Jewish life in the Warsaw Ghetto.
I don't know why he is concerned about a student ghetto.
The Ghetto Work Fund was established by the German government to pay survivors $3,000 each for their work in German ghettos during World War II.