get (one's) oats

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get (one's) oats

slang To have sex, especially frequently. Primarily heard in UK. Bill is hardly ever home anymore—he must be getting his oats now that he's single again.
See also: get, oat
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get your oats

have sexual intercourse. informal
1965 William Dick A Bunch of Ratbags I was kissing her excitedly and passionately… Cookie, you're gonna get your oats tonight for sure, I thought to myself.
See also: get, oat
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get your ˈoats

(British English, informal) have sex regularly
See also: get, oat
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GETTING YOUR OATS First cereal, then crisps now porridge!
'As a dairy farmer I wel- come any increase in demand for my products and suggest that industry leaders exploit the clear potential for branded lifestyle milk'.: Are you getting your oats?:Porridge has become super-convenient and even tasty with the right additions.It is best eaten with your favourite fruit to counteract the bland taste, and although perhaps not the healthiest option, a sprinkling of sugar makes it more appetising.
Once again scientists have discovered what Scots knew all along - that getting your oats regularly helps you live longer.
It also insists the phrase "getting your oats" is no joke - grains can be considered a fertility food due to their composition of proteins, polyunsaturated fats, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon and vitamin E.
Tell you what, though, if getting your oats on a daily basis is what it's all about, I reckon Allan McGregor could live until he's about 458.
"Do you like getting your oats?" purred Michelle, her voice dripping with sexual intent.
So now you can tell the wife that getting your oats every morning is actually good for your health.
A OH, come on - you can surely live without getting your oats for a few more weeks.
OODLES OF OATS: There's more truth in the old saying of getting your oats than you'd think.
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