get (one's) head around (something)

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get (one's) head around (something)

To understand something that is challenging or confusing. It took a while, but I've finally gotten my head around this chapter in my calculus textbook. Wait, you two are dating now? It's going to take a little while for me to get my head around that!
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get your head around something


get your head round something

If you get your head around a fact or an idea, you succeed in understanding it or accepting it. It's hard to get your head round figures this big. At first I was ridiculed because people simply could not get their head around what I was telling them. Note: In American and British English you can also say that you get your mind around something or in British English that you get your mind round something. This is less informal than get your head around something. MacGregor quickly got his mind round complicated issues.
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get your head round (or around) something

understand or come to terms with something. informal
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get your ˈhead round something

(British English, informal) understand something difficult, often with a lot of effort: The plan is so complicated — I’m still trying to get my head round it.
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If you are still getting your head around the whole idea of influencers/ bloggers in the first place, then forgive me because this is going to fry your circuit board.
"Bournemouth are paying PS15m for a wide player, it's getting your head around doing deals of that magnitude that's difficult.
After getting your head around the basics, you will build one or more DIY musical instruments from Theremidi Orchestra kit collection.
Getting your head around the notion that your partner -while sober and sat at their computer in the middle of the day - basically threw a line into the internet and asked 'Is anyone up for it?' is perhaps more difficult for many people to deal with.
For further tips, trends and recipes visit Tesco Weirdoughs, [euro]1.25 for 10 Doughnuts meet crisps in a strange combination that really does take some getting your head around.
It's hard getting your head around not being involved with a team.
In her book, Getting Your Head Around the Brain, Dr Ellison argues that people do not appear more attractive to both sexes after alcohol.
"The hardest thing was getting your head around the fact that you can't get off the boat, but now that I've done it I feel like I can do anything.
e is or what had a baby To have a child is the most lifechanging experience I have ever gone through and to imagine it happening without nine months of planning and getting your head around the fact you're never going to be independent again is insanely scary.
Getting your head around experimental music can often be an alienating experience.
Getting your head around events is called for, what do you have to do to in the next month or so that will enable you to get rid of the nonsense in your life, to make room for new and exciting opportunities.
Coetzer added: "It is just about getting your head around it and telling yourself you can handle the new ball."
As an apprentice for the first 12 months you will probably be cleaning, getting your head around how a tattoo studio works and asking lots of questions.
This will be good for getting your head around practical financial issues, not least because of its excellent link with Pluto.
Getting your head around numbers and figures can be quite stressful, which is why is here to help.
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