get (one's) oats

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get (one's) oats

slang To have sexual intercourse, especially frequently. Primarily heard in UK. Bill is hardly ever home anymore—he must be getting his oats now that he's single again.
See also: get, oat

get your oats

have sexual intercourse. informal
1965 William Dick A Bunch of Ratbags I was kissing her excitedly and passionately… Cookie, you're gonna get your oats tonight for sure, I thought to myself.
See also: get, oat

get your ˈoats

(British English, informal) have sex regularly
See also: get, oat
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IT'S Valentine's Day - a date for stallions in the northern hemisphere to look forward to as it marks the unofficial start of the breeding season, though a lucky few may have already begun getting their oats over the last few days.
NEW research indicates that while vegetarians may be getting their wild rice, they aren't getting their oats.
And, if rumour is to be believed, both fillies are regularly getting their oats with their few remaining acolytes (is it acolytes or stacolytes that hang from the ceiling, I can never remember?
In fact, they would far rather be getting their oats than, well, getting their oats, if you see what I mean.
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