get (one's) marching orders

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get (one's) marching orders

To be dismissed from employment or to be ordered to leave or move on from a place. An allusion to a military command of deployment. After messing up that account, I'm terrified that I'm going to get my marching orders. Bill had been living in his parents' house for nearly a year without working when he finally got his marching orders out of there.
See also: get, marche, order

marching orders, get one's

Be ordered to move on or proceed; also, be dismissed from a job. For example, The sales force got their marching orders yesterday, so now they'll be on the road with the new product , or It's too bad about Jack-the boss gave him his marching orders Friday. This expression originally alluded to a military command. [Colloquial; late 1700s]
See also: get, marche

get your ˈmarching orders

(British English, informal) be ordered to leave a place, a job, etc: When he kept arriving late he got his marching orders.These were originally the orders given for soldiers to depart.
See also: get, marche, order
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Four Of Diamonds admitted they were a bit "lost for words" after getting their marching orders.
Matt Ballard took the total to 11, while Smethwick's misery was made complete with two more sending-offs at the death with Emanuelle Antwi and Amrick Virdee getting their marching orders.
At one point, you know, before the October 2013 negotiations, it was really getting their marching orders from Israel in fact, and they were pretty much replicating in their positions in these talks, in past, the Israeli positions and putting forward the demands that Israelis wanted to take.
There was no love lost either with both Lar Corbett and JJ Delaney getting their marching orders after a skirmish
Thousands of troops are getting their marching orders, 36 Remploy factories providing employment for 1,700 disabled people have already gone and the Future Jobs Fund brought in by Labour - a kind of paid community programme - was the first thing the coalition kicked into touch in 2010.
To compound the Swifts woes, the winners ended up with just nine players, Ross Black and Thomas Wray both getting their marching orders.
IT'S unusual to go through an entire campaign of Old Firm matches without a player getting their marching orders.
Before referee Kenny Clark finally flashed red twice in the last ten minutes, the Hibs players battled hard - which meant they had always been in danger of getting their marching orders.
Both teams were then depleted with Milne and Camelon's Craig Gillan getting their marching orders before a Rixon strike in 82 minutes killed the tie off.
So why on earth are they getting their marching orders now?
Both sides had a player sent off after a flare up on the stroke of half time - Kingstonian skipper Gary Patterson and home defender Leo Roget getting their marching orders for violent conduct.
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