get the worst of (something)

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get the worst of (something)

To feel or experience the brunt or the most negative aspects of something. I got the worst of the boss's anger over the printing mishap because I'm the first one he saw after hearing about it. The accident wasn't too bad—my bumper got the worst of it.
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get the worst of it

Also, have the worst of it. Be defeated, experience a disadvantage, or suffer the most harm. For example, In any argument Joe usually gets the worst of it, or If we play the last three games as scheduled, our team is bound to have the worst of it , or The car got the worst of it, and no one was hurt. These phrases survive many older ones (such as go to the worst and come by the worst) in which worst is used in the sense of "defeat," a usage dating from about 1500. Also see get the better (best) of.
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get (or have) the worst of it

be in the least advantageous or successful position; suffer the most.
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get the ˈworst of it


come off ˈworst

be defeated in a fight, etc.; be affected more seriously than other people, etc: The dog had been fighting and had obviously got the worst of it.Small businesses have come off worst in the economic crisis.
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By this time Joey was in a frightful way (because he saw he was getting the worst of it), and he boasted that he had David's laugh in his pocket, and David challenged him to produce it, and Joey searched his pockets and brought out the most unexpected articles, including a duck and a bunch of carrots; and you could see by his manner that the simple soul thought these were things which all boys carried loose in their pockets.
Once, when it looked as if Nelson were getting the worst of it, French Frank and John Barleycorn sprang unfairly into the fight.
While in the German camp in the Pare Mountains, which lie just east of the boundary line between German and British East Africa, Tarzan had overheard enough to suggest that the British were getting the worst of the fighting in Africa.
"Well but, Brooke," said the Doctor, "doesn't this look a little as if you exercised your discretion by only stopping a fight when the School-house boy is getting the worst of it?"
I 'm getting the worst of it, anyway; for there 's Fan, crying her eyes out upstairs, and here are you stowed away in a dark closet as dumb as a fish, and nobody but me to bring you both round.
Quick as thought the princess assumed the form of a serpent and gave battle to the scorpion, who, finding he was getting the worst of it, turned himself into an eagle and took flight.
It became more and more evident that the Germans were getting the worst of the unequal fight.
Tugby said he wouldn't; but, his whole existence was a fight, in which, if any judgment might be founded on the constantly- increasing shortness of his breath, and the deepening purple of his face, he was always getting the worst of it.
That's what you call getting the worst of both worlds.
Unfortunately, it seems to be getting the worst of results.
At Hardee's we were getting the worst of the worst.
They certainly were lower for most of the stocks we follow, with radio getting the worst of it.
McCoy's mount, Red Devil Lads, was just getting the worst of the argument when he stumbled on the home turn.
The unsettled conditions will probably continue across most parts of the UK during the first half of February with the North and West getting the worst of the weather.
"The UK is benefiting from us a lot materialistically, but when politics gets involved, we are getting the worst of everything," he added.
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