get the green light

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get the green light

To receive permission to proceed with some action or task. Likened to the green light of a traffic signal. We're just waiting to get the green light from our managers before we release the latest software update.
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give somebody/get the ˌgreen ˈlight

(informal) allow somebody/be allowed to begin something: The council has given the green light for work to begin on the new shopping centre.As soon as we get the green light, we’ll start advertising for new staff.
This expression refers to the green light on traffic lights, which means ‘go’.
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green light, get/give the

Permission to proceed. The term alludes to the green of traffic lights, signifying “go ahead,” which began to be used on railroads in the nineteenth century. Terence Rattigan in his play French without Tears (1937) wrote, “We had a bottle of wine and got pretty gay, and all the time she was giving me the old green light” (3.1).
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