get off the ground

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get off the ground

1. Literally, to lift up off the ground. A noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "off." This beat-up old plane will never get off the ground!
2. To get underway; to get to a point of stable or self-sufficient progress or development. A noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "off." Now that this project has finally gotten off the ground, we can start to focus some of our attention on other areas of the business. Jack just wants to wait until the company gets off the ground a bit before we begin any major media campaigns.
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get something off the ground

1. Lit. to get something into the air. I'll announce the weather to the passengers as soon as we get the plane off the ground. I hope they get this plane off the ground soon.
2. Fig. to get something started. (Alludes to an airplane beginning a flight.) When we get this event off the ground we can relax. It is my job to get the celebration plans off the ground.
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get off the ground

Make a start, get underway, as in Because of legal difficulties, the construction project never got off the ground. This expression, alluding to flight, dates from the mid-1900s. The similar-sounding get off to a flying start, meaning "make a successful start," alludes not to flight but to a quick start in a race, a usage from the late 1800s. For example, He's off to a flying start with his dissertation.
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get (something) off the ground

If a something that is planned gets off the ground, it starts operating or functioning and if you get something that is planned off the ground, you make it start to operate or function. He will need contacts here if he's going to have any chance of getting his plan off the ground. Councillor Riley spoke of the dedication and enthusiasm of staff and volunteers in getting the schemes off the ground. Even if the talks do get off the ground, there is no guarantee they will succeed.
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get off the ground (or get something off the ground)

start (or cause to start) happening or functioning successfully.
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get (something) off the ˈground

(of a plan, project, etc.) start happening successfully; make something start happening successfully: By this time next year the new company should be just getting off the ground.We’re looking for a new manager to help get this project off the ground.
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New figures show the North will need to recruit 1,100 extra managers by 2008 to meet the expected demand for building work, but industry leaders fear the shortage will lead to construction projects not getting off the ground or being badly managed by people who are not qualified.
But yesterday Keith Brooks, chief executive of TBI, which owns several airports around the world, said he remained unconvinced by the prospects of the project ever getting off the ground.
The idea went through many iterations while never getting off the ground.
This time I'm writing about a program that's just getting off the ground and won't be completed until next January
Unfortunately, again like the Alliance Party, they had difficulty getting off the ground.
Spokesman Geoff Dossetter said: "Any plans to take freight off the roads is a good idea which we support, but similar plans have had huge difficulties getting off the ground.
Plane passengers have more chance of getting off the ground on time on a charter holiday plane than on a scheduled flight.
The Global ReLeaf Fund is new, and just getting off the ground.
The only scientific payload on NASA's 1988 calendar is the tentatively listed San Marco D(L) satellite, a joint NASA/Italian project that has appeared on the schedule for five years without getting off the ground.
As governments spend billions on national EMR programs that have difficulty getting off the ground, or that may not be ready for decades, we are taking the lead in providing technology to satisfy an increasing demand for medical information services, and provide them to consumers over the internet," added Mr.
David Melhuish, head of development and facilities for the Co-op, said: "We are pleased that this project is getting off the ground and confident that Stoford will deliver a quality unit on time and on budget.
Plans to revitalise the docks area of Middlesbrough with the ambitious and futuristic Middlehaven project have been decades in getting off the ground.
Bacco, which replaced La Scala Presto as the bottom-floor tenant of the Disney Channel building, has been slow getting off the ground.
Coast FA General Secretary Trefor Lloyd Hughes said: ``Women's football is getting off the ground in these parts, with the introduction of the first women's cup competition right now,and the next step of having a league.
His kicking was way off target all match, the first attempt hardly getting off the ground.