get itchy feet

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get itchy feet

To feel the urge to stray from one's routine, often by traveling. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Every so often, Claire gets itchy feet and sets off for a foreign destination.
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get (or have) itchy feet

be restless; have a strong urge to travel or move from place to place. informal
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get/have itchy ˈfeet

(informal) a desire to travel, move house, change your job, etc: He never stays in a job long. He gets itchy feet after two or three years.
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Simon said: "We are getting itchy feet and are ready to move house again.
He joined the development funding team at Weatherall Green and Smith (now BNP Paribas) where he gained valuable experience, before 'getting itchy feet' and moving to Knight Frank in Birmingham.
Meanwhile, goalkeeper Trevor Carson appears to be getting itchy feet after extending his stay at League Two Lincoln City until April 23.
In recent months, though, it became clear he was getting itchy feet; whether Benitez had remained or not, Benayoun was going to depart; the pair had fallen out and the only thing that wasn't known was which club it would be to.
"He can't be here but has been getting itchy feet, checking the internet for the last three months for when the iPad was going on sale," she said.
"The male and two chicks were still hunting on Kielder Water last week, but with mum and one of the brood gone they were probably getting itchy feet - or wings."
The Clash of the Titans, as it has been billed, looks likely to go ahead, with Duke Of Marmalade confirmed by connections yesterday, and it could well be that the favourites will flip-flop, as the support seems to be coming for New Approach while many are getting itchy feet about the Duke.
After getting itchy feet and leaving to establish Boylan Toys, he ended up back at Senior - a specialist in metallic hose and expansion joints - as a production manager in 1974 and stayed for more than 20 years, first building up the company's Flexonics (flexible components) division as managing director before spending four years in Los Angeles as president and chief executive officer of the pounds 180m thermal division.
If he was asked to do it I'd say he'd love it, but he's just doing a professional job right now and people are just getting itchy feet and worrying a bit too much.
But with pounds 6m-rated Ehiogu getting itchy feet at trophyless Villa Park, Albion can now sniff the chance to make a financial killing.
I suppose I was getting itchy feet of late and wondering if I'd ever get the chance.
"I'm definitely not getting itchy feet just yet," he said.
However, the man who previously worked in england with Manchester United and everton has told pals he is getting itchy feet and would be tempted by an offer south of the border.
Probably because the chairmen are getting itchy feet, they're getting some shouts from fans.