get into (one's) stride

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get into (one's) stride

To become comfortable with something. It took a few weeks, but I think I've finally gotten into my stride at my new job. I know that Rob has been struggling a bit since he joined the team, but I'm confident that he'll get into his stride soon enough.
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get into one's stride

1. Lit. [for a runner] to reach a comfortable and efficient pace. I got into my stride right away, and that helped win the race. She never got into her stride, and that's why she lost.
2. Fig. to reach one's most efficient and productive rate of doing something. When I get into my stride, I'll be more efficient. Amy will be more efficient when she gets into her stride.
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get into your stride


hit your stride

COMMON If you get into your stride or hit your stride, you start to do something well and confidently, after being slower or less certain at the beginning. The Government is getting into its stride and seems, for the moment, to be fulfilling its promises. He's still learning but when he hits his stride, he'll be unstoppable.
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get into your ˈstride

(British English) (American English hit (your) ˈstride) begin to do something with confidence and at a good speed after a slow, uncertain start: She found the job difficult at first, but now she’s got into her stride and she loves it.
See also: get, stride
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MARK MILLAR insists Queen of the South are in play-off contention without even getting into their stride.
Everton, on the other hand, are getting into their stride and the comeback from 2-0 down at West Brom on Monday can only give them confidence.
The Reds overcame the loss of Karmichael hunt and James O'Connor plus torrential rain to grind out a win over the Force last week but they will need to show more ambition against the highlanders, who looked to be getting into their stride as last week's match wore on.
This is a true ensemble piece and after getting into their stride, the performers really shine in the asylum scene during the second half when the light begins to fade, casting dark shadows across the set.
The visitors wasted no time getting into their stride putting Crown under pressure.
Which is a shame, because like a fine wine, 10 O'Clock Live has matured nicely, with the aforementioned guys and female sidekick Lauren Laverne getting into their stride.
When the protests started, Wrexham had just equalised and were getting into their stride.
His side took their time in getting into their stride, but had the first real chance of the game when Bradley Johnson pounced on to a poor back header from Reuben Hazell and was clean through on goal, only to be denied by the on-rushing Darryl Flahavan.
After being delayed on the journey down to the south coast Everton were slow getting into their stride.
Meanwhile, Darlington manager Dave Penney suspects his side are belatedly getting into their stride in League Two and hopes to see that continue at home to Dagenham and Redbridge today.
Stour were getting into their stride, though, and winger Martin Freeman scored a try either side of half-time and a Bressington conversion gave Stourbridge a 15-12 lead.
But Curle's men were slowly getting into their stride, and Larkin tested the Scunthorpe keeper from 30 yards before the unfortunate Adam Murray saw his powerful long-range shot smack the woodwork.
The makeshift centre-half, who has played in a fair number of Newcastle defeats on the south coast in both his spells with the Magpies, believes United are now just getting into their stride under new boss Graeme Souness.
The visitors looked like they were getting into their stride and threatened two minutes later when Ralph Brand saw his shot fly past.
Getting into their stride just ten minutes before the break, a loosened-up outfit returned to whoop it up good.