get into (one's) stride

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get into (one's) stride

To become comfortable with something. It took a few weeks, but I think I've finally gotten into my stride at my new job. I know that Rob has been struggling a bit since he joined the team, but I'm confident that he'll get into his stride soon enough.
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get into one's stride

1. Lit. [for a runner] to reach a comfortable and efficient pace. I got into my stride right away, and that helped win the race. She never got into her stride, and that's why she lost.
2. Fig. to reach one's most efficient and productive rate of doing something. When I get into my stride, I'll be more efficient. Amy will be more efficient when she gets into her stride.
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get into your stride


hit your stride

COMMON If you get into your stride or hit your stride, you start to do something well and confidently, after being slower or less certain at the beginning. The Government is getting into its stride and seems, for the moment, to be fulfilling its promises. He's still learning but when he hits his stride, he'll be unstoppable.
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get into your ˈstride

(British English) (American English hit (your) ˈstride) begin to do something with confidence and at a good speed after a slow, uncertain start: She found the job difficult at first, but now she’s got into her stride and she loves it.
See also: get, stride
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He said: "It has been a bit stop-start with the weather but it has been good to have a run of games over the last few weekends and now we feel we are getting into our stride.
We are averaging four goals a game now and I am beginning to get the feeling that we are getting into our stride," he said.
After a bit of a dodgy start, we've won our last two matches and we seem to be getting into our stride at last," he said last night.
We did some good things without ever really getting into our stride.
I feel we are getting into our stride now as I was disappointed with our pre-season displays.
Yes, but the problem is that teams are coming to Spotland and stopping us from getting into our stride.
We were just getting into our stride - Curtis Obeng was unfortunate not to give us the lead - when Silvio Spann (right) was sent off and we found ourselves with our backs against the wall.
We are getting into our stride and this is a great way to end the summer.
We're just getting into our stride, and hopefully we can push from there.
Perhaps we are still just getting into our stride, having only played two games against better quality opposition during the pre-season programme.