get (one's) oats

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get (one's) oats

slang To have sexual intercourse, especially frequently. Primarily heard in UK. Bill is hardly ever home anymore—he must be getting his oats now that he's single again.
See also: get, oat

get your oats

have sexual intercourse. informal
1965 William Dick A Bunch of Ratbags I was kissing her excitedly and passionately… Cookie, you're gonna get your oats tonight for sure, I thought to myself.
See also: get, oat

get your ˈoats

(British English, informal) have sex regularly
See also: get, oat
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I have heard many so-called jokes about our future queen - including references to this being the only wedding where the lucky horseshoe is actually worn by the bride, and vulgarisms about my brother getting his oats tonight.
But just to stress he's getting his oats, The Osbournes star - whose sister KELLY has a blossoming pop career - added: "I slept with three women in one night at a beach party.
Randy Robert is still getting his oats with Nasty Nicola, even if she is to get her comeuppance when turfed out of Paddy and Emily's and her job.
Teacher Vernon (Warren Clarke) was the hot favourite to fall off his perch, after we saw him huffing and puffing while getting his oats in a cornfield from a nymphomaniac student.