get (one's) hooks into (someone or something)

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get (one's) hooks into (someone or something)

To gain control or influence over someone or something, especially with an ulterior motive. Because of my family's fortune, my parents always worry that any girl I date is just trying to get her hooks into me for my money.
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get your hooks into someone

If someone gets their hooks into you, they control or influence you in a way that is difficult to escape from. `She's got her hooks into you,' taunted my male friends. The big industries like to get their hooks into the bright young people by helping to pay for their education.
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get your ˈhooks into somebody

gain influence or control over somebody: He was perfectly happy living alone until that woman got her hooks into him.
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Locorriere, left, will be getting his hooks into Cardiff this week.
When they return to the scene of the crime a year later (why?) a serial killer called (yawn two!) The Fisherman is getting his hooks into the locals.
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