get (one's) head around (something)

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get (one's) head around (something)

To understand something that is challenging or confusing. It took a while, but I've finally gotten my head around this chapter in my calculus textbook. Wait, you two are dating now? It's going to take a little while for me to get my head around that!
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get your head around something


get your head round something

If you get your head around a fact or an idea, you succeed in understanding it or accepting it. It's hard to get your head round figures this big. At first I was ridiculed because people simply could not get their head around what I was telling them. Note: In American and British English you can also say that you get your mind around something or in British English that you get your mind round something. This is less informal than get your head around something. MacGregor quickly got his mind round complicated issues.
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get your head round (or around) something

understand or come to terms with something. informal
See also: get, head, round, something

get your ˈhead round something

(British English, informal) understand something difficult, often with a lot of effort: The plan is so complicated — I’m still trying to get my head round it.
See also: get, head, round, something
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He's getting his head around what he's got to face and the challenge in front of him.
London, Mar 14 ( ANI ): Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton has slammed the notion that he lacks technical knowledge and that his standing as Formula One's fastest and most instinctive driver somehow disadvantaged him from getting his head around the sport's most complex set of rule changes.
Aspas, hoping to start against Swansea tomorrow night, is still getting his head around Scouse fashion sense.
The move to Doha meant once again getting his head around a new set of laws (which is not entirely different to the UAE's he reports) and new regulatory structures.
And he admits he's still getting his head around having the chance to lift some silverware.
So regarding getting his head around it, absolutely no problem.
He is very good at getting his head around really big things in a way which is breathtaking.
Joe is a team player and he's getting his head around things now.
Communication has improved as we have a mechanic working with him who used to work with Adam, and Krzysztof is getting his head around British racing.
So there's plenty to occupy O'Neill's lively mind but despite his rants about nothing being more important than the next game he's already getting his head around squad improvements.
Not for the first time this week, the new manager, above, spoke yesterday of his difficulties getting his head around the fact that he won't have daily access to the players.
Krejza, who played two Tests in 2008, is understandably still getting his head around his new role as Australia's ODI frontline spinner.
The very fact these players are recognised by their first names alone tells you just why modest 'Padraig' is having a hard time getting his head around it all.