get (one) off the hook

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get (one) off the hook

1. To help one to avoid punishment or culpability for some wrongdoing. He's the best lawyer in the business. If anyone can get you off the hook for murder, he can. Can you please tell Mom that you broke the vase and get me off the hook?
2. To free one from the responsibility of some task; to help one to avoid some obligation or duty. Thank you for getting me off the hook for Saturday—I was dreading having to babysit at 6 AM on my day off!
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get somebody off the ˈhook

(informal) help somebody to avoid punishment, etc: You’re going to need a very clever lawyer to get you off the hook.
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off the hook, to get/to be let

To escape from some difficulty. The analogy is to throwing a fish one has caught back into the water, saving its life. The term on the hook goes back to the seventeenth century; the current cliché dates only from the mid-1800s. Anthony Trollope used it (The Small House at Allington, 1864): “Poor Caudle . . . he’s hooked, and he’ll never get himself off the hook again.”
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Aberdeen's battling point will be a relief to Cosgrove - as the Dons striker's classy volley 13 minutes from time went some way to getting him off the hook for gifting St Mirren their opening goal from the penalty spot.
But instead it was the first half dismissal of Michael Stewart that was the talking point - and how the Jambos hothead owes his young team-mate for getting him off the hook.
The inquiries Blair has instigated have been the means of him escaping his and his Government's responsibilities; often chaired by his Civil Service cronies, letting him set his own terms of reference and getting him off the hook.
DEIVIDAS CESNAUSKIS last night thanked his Hearts team-mates for getting him off the hook after his clumsy tackle handed Gretna a lifeline.
Jermain Defoe yesterday revealed how the fiery Italian thanked him for getting him off the hook against Aston Villa and also apologised to his team-mates for missing a crucial penalty.