get (one's) hands dirty

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get (one's) hands dirty

1. To do hard work, often manual labor. There is nothing more rewarding to me than getting my hands dirty in my garden. I really appreciate you guys getting your hands dirty and helping us move.
2. To be involved in something illegal or unseemly. Uncle Pete has been avoiding us ever since we discovered that he gets his hands dirty working for the mob. No one can know about my police record—I don't want people to think that I still get my hands dirty.
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get your hands dirty

COMMON If you get your hands dirty, you do difficult, dirty or routine work. I never get my hands dirty raising money the hard way. The guys at the top make all the money, while the people actually getting their hands dirty make very little. Compare with not dirty your hands.
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get your hands dirty (or dirty your hands)

1 do manual, menial, or other hard work. 2 become directly involved in dishonest or dishonourable activity. informal
1 1998 Spectator Unlike its sister churches in the West, the Catholic Church in the Philippines is not afraid to get its hands dirty.
See also: dirty, get, hand

get your ˈhands dirty

do physical work: He’s not frightened of getting his hands dirty.
See also: dirty, get, hand
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Kylie Jenner doesn't mind getting her hands dirty for her daughter, Stormi Webster.
THE Duchess of York said she loved getting her hands dirty as she helped build a wall while taking part in a community project in Rwanda.
HOLLYOAKS actress Jennifer Metcalfe always looks drop dead gorgeous and is famous for her glamorous looks, but the star proved she's not shy of getting her hands dirty.
She's getting her hands dirty with gardening, raising chickens, renovating a cabin--even fending off bears
But actually she is quite down-to-earth and she is up for getting her hands dirty and stuff," she added.
She's not afraid of getting stuck in and getting her hands dirty.
Let us not forget that the Queen, when she was 18, left her comfortable surroundings and joined the ATS, getting her hands dirty in the motorised section while 'doing her bit' and we should be very proud of her and her husband.
A TV presenter will be getting her hands dirty to help transform a community garden.
She enlists help from Eileen who isn't exactly thrilled about getting her hands dirty.
Today Silberman, a 95-year-old artist and community-college student, still loves getting her hands dirty.
Jill admits she's still on a "steep learning curve", and has subsidised her career change by getting her hands dirty helping friends to achieve their horticultural dreams.
JACKIE Smith is one entrepreneur who does not mind rolling up her sleeves and getting her hands dirty.
Trinity Shawley was getting her hands dirty at the Ventura County Fair on Thursday.
She used to be a feisty lawyer on cult TV show This Life - now Amita Dhiri is getting her hands dirty as a tough cop on The Bill.