get (one's) claws into (someone)

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get (one's) claws into (someone)

To exert one's influence over another person. Bobby's new girlfriend must have gotten her claws into him—have you seen the way he's dressing these days?
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get your claws into someone

1. If someone gets their claws into you, they control or influence you in a selfish way for their own advantage. The Tigers want to get their claws into 20-year old striker Martin Carruthers from Aston Villa. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of get. These people had their claws into him and he didn't know how to get clear of them.
2. If a woman gets her claws into a man, she manages to start a relationship with him. Sadly for Jackie, Amanda got her claws into Gavin first. Note: Other verbs can be used instead of get. She wasted no time in hooking her claws into Des. Note: You usually use this expression in a disapproving way.
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get your claws into

enter into a possessive relationship with someone (used especially of a woman who dominates or manipulates a man). informal
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get your ˈclaws into somebody

1 (disapproving) if a woman gets her claws into a man, she tries hard to make him marry her or to have a relationship with her: He was perfectly happy before she got her claws into him!
2 criticize somebody severely: Wait until the media gets its claws into her.
Claws are the sharp curved nails on the end of an animal’s or a bird’s foot.
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"The thought of Rita getting her claws into Andrew is so hard for Emma to take," the unreliable source claimed.
An increasingly desperate Paul is still tapping the phones, looking for a way to stop Diana getting her claws into his family.
The newly-blonde singer - who's been getting her claws into funnyman James Corden - has become a regular at beauty parlour Sensational Nails, spending pounds 300 on two sessions last week.
And SJ will waste no time getting her claws into one of Walford's lucky bachelors.
She is worried about rival Molly getting her claws into Kirk, but doesn't know what to say and simply pleads with him to remember that she loves him.
Before landing a role in The Bill, unarguably her most high-profile role was playing the part of the notorious Eve Sykes in Coronation Street, who wasted little time in getting her claws into the hapless Fred Elliott"That was another case where I only signed on to do a one-off episode and it turned into something more," she remembers.
Chloe isn't content with getting her claws into just one King brother - she juggles Carl and Jimmy, much to Chas's heartache.
"Maybe she's into swinging - maybe she's just getting her claws into more patsies.
And show insiders said Tina O'Dowd will make the likes of EastEnders' Janine Butcher look like a pussycat when she starts getting her claws into the characters of the fictional Irish village.
'It's much better that there's lots of different things going on for the character, like getting her claws into new men.But I don't think it's going to last forever.'
BRUMMIE beauty Cat Deeley has been snapped getting her claws into a new mystery man.
Since she first clapped eyes on Jamie Burke - on Richard Branson's Caribbean island, Necker - 32-year-old Kate wasted no time getting her claws into the wannabe musician.
An insider said: "Kelly turns heads as soon as she arrives - and doesn't waste any time getting her claws into the local menfolk."
We exclusively revealed how poor Min split from her tennis-playing boyfriend Robby Ginepri last month but the girl hasn't wasted any time getting her claws into a new beau.