get (an amount of money) for (something)

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get (an amount of money) for (something)

To receive an amount of money in exchange for a particular item. Wow, I can't believe you got $30 for that old air conditioner. How much do you think I could get for these fancy headphones?
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get an amount of money for something

to receive an amount of money in exchange for something; to sell something for a specific price. (See also get something for an amount of money.) I got nearly two thousand dollars for my car. How much did they get for their house?
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get something for someone

to obtain something for the use or benefit of someone. I will get a new book for you. Sorry I messed the old one up. Would you get a glass of water for me?
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get something for something

to obtain a part or attachment for an object. I need to get a part for the vacuum cleaner. Would you please get a bulb for my flashlight?
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The intense interest landlords have been getting for large blocks has more than helped them resist any urge they may have had in the past to dice up their space and tap the loftily priced market for smaller spaces.
In comparison to the male skaters, the females are getting maybe 15 percent of what the males are getting for winning the competition.