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don't get mad, get even

Channel your anger into revenge. When I heard that a co-worker had stolen my idea and presented it as his own, all I could think was, "Don't get mad, get even."
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get even (with someone)

To exact revenge or take retaliatory action (against someone) as a means of equalizing some prior mistreatment. This prank may seem elaborate, but I need to get even with my brother for dumping a bucket of water on me the other day. After Sheila figured out that Tammy was the one who had started the rumor about her, she swore that she would get even. No one criticizes the boss, as we're all afraid he may fire us just to get even.
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get even

COMMON If you get even with someone who has hurt or insulted you, you get your revenge on them. He is so furious about their treatment of him that he's determined to get even. He'd leapt at this chance to get even with the guy who had taken his money.
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Getting Even is a disturbing account of the continuing wage gap between men and women in the job market.
COMMENTARY: ADSL is getting even cheaper due to this cut-throat price war.
"The idea is to keep a complex space from getting even more complex; keep the porcelain honest and timeless; and use a metal that mimics the materials and colors that surround.
Getting even to the basic level of training was a leap, says Cerchiara, because fully 350 of the Bronx division's 800+ staff had never even touched a computer before the move to CIS was announced.
The assaults seem to be getting even more gruesome.
"But it seems that we are getting even more space this time.
disappointing wines." Still, getting even a partial thumbs up from the wine press is a good thing for a new world wine--and sure to keep the pressure on to perform.
These small computers are getting even smaller, more powerful and less expensive.
Coaches can be a big help to their offensive rebounders by teaching them a technique called "getting even."
In the end, they are more concerned with survival (or getting even) than in producing at a high level.
EAMISH Museum is the great day out that will soon be getting even greater.
Yet caught in the middle are families, pensioners and others who just know one thing - making ends meet is getting even harder.
Either that or it was an exercise in getting even more of the F word past telly bosses.
BRITAIN'S sweet tooth is getting even sweeter, with sales of sugary treats rising by five per cent in a year.