get cold feet

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get cold feet

To experience nervousness or anxiety before one attempts to do something, often to the extent that one tries to avoid it. I wasn't nervous until the morning of my wedding, but everyone assured me that I had just gotten cold feet. Good luck getting her out on stage—she always gets cold feet before a performance.
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get cold feet


have cold feet

COMMON If you get cold feet or have cold feet about something you have planned to do, you become nervous about it and not sure that you want to do it. My boyfriend got cold feet about being in a committed relationship. Leaving Ireland wasn't easy and I had cold feet about it a couple of times.
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get/have cold ˈfeet

(informal) no longer want to continue what you intended or have started to do because you are nervous or afraid: Do you still want to do this parachute jump or are you getting cold feet? OPPOSITE: take the plunge
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Sioned's court case begins and Ed starts getting cold feet.
Daisy attracts the attention of a rich handsome bachelor while Kat falls for a married architect, and Jojo starts getting cold feet regarding her upcoming wedding.
Getting cold feet over show return DESPITE the recent happy reunion, I'm wondering if our middle-aged, middleclass friends are now in serious danger of outstaying their welcome (Cold Feet, ITV, last night).
CHELSEA fear that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is getting cold feet over a move to Stamford Bridge - with Liverpool waiting in the wings.
Meanwhile, Kate worries that Johnny is getting cold feet after he snaps at her.
Be honest with your fiance that you're getting cold feet and suggest postponing the wedding until you've taken some time to work out if it's what you want.
Bridget is already getting cold feet about her new romance with Mark.
com/2014/george-clooney-amal-alamuddin-engaged-engagement-wedding-cold-feet-marriage-report/) Celebrity Laundry , "George and Amal are both getting cold feet about the marriage, despite diving headfirst into their engagement.
However now it seems the modern day entrepreneurs of the Circuit of Wales are getting cold feet and are asking for PS50m of public money for their private venture.
Everybody knows the Tories are getting cold feet on the environment," said the source.
Cowell, 51, insisted that he wasn't getting cold feet, but could not take time off from his show- 'X-Factor'.
The groom is getting cold feet and his best man, Buster, can't find anything good to say about Dermot in his speech.
Meanwhile, Charity begins to think Chas is getting cold feet about the revenge plan, and Hazel worries about getting the house ready in time.
A lot of member states are getting cold feet now, but during the crisis this spring, we saw what the sovereign debt crisis can do.
The fact that they need a 'change of use' ruling to press ahead with any plans they have to redevelop the site suggests they might be getting cold feet.