get back to basics

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get back to basics

To return to the fundamental aspects of something. Since you're struggling to play chords, let's get back to basics and look at the notes on the scale.
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get back to basics


go back to basics

If you get back to basics or go back to basics, you concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities. It helps to get back to basics and say explicitly how we want to satisfy our target customer. This is about going back to basics, learning about a healthy diet and approaching food in a new way. Note: Back-to-basics can be used before nouns. We need a new back-to-basics drive to raise standards of literacy in Britain's schools.
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get/go back to ˈbasics

think about the simple or most important ideas within a subject or an activity instead of new ideas or complicated details: It’s time for us all to get back to basics and concentrate on what really matters.
See also: back, basic, get
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For us defenders it was about getting back to basics after the last couple of weeks and we seem to be gradually getting back on track," said O'Brien (pictured above).
Getting back to basics can make the world of difference to your swimming technique and that makes swimming more fun.
Today was about being disciplined, working hard and getting back to basics.
Pitch perfect Camping is all about being at one with nature, getting back to basics and taking a break from the modern world so a tent-finding app doesn't quite fit in with the ethos, but is now available anyway.
They have diversified a bit in recent years, but their latest series finds them getting back to basics as they get their motors running and head out across Europe, the Middle East and America.
I am sure the skipper Jacques Du Toit will have the players fired up and getting back to basics - they are already champing at the bit.
Only by getting back to basics will we be equipped to make it.
In "Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday", author and industry futurist Zain Raj has scripted a guidebook full of wit and hard-won wisdom that shows how truly understanding your core customer and getting back to basics is the way that you can conquer complex problems and learn to thrive in this Cambrian era of marketing.
Getting back to basics is a liberating feeling for many companies, Alphafish - a PaaS and Professional Services Provider to the public sector - is among them.
The 53-year-old - who won 55 caps for his country - said: "It's about getting back to basics in our defending.
It will take a long time to regain trust but it is about getting back to basics and running a sound bank.
EORL CRABTREE believes getting back to basics will help the Giants return to winning ways at home to St Helens on Sunday and guarantee he celebrates his 400th career appearance in style.
We will be getting back to basics on that in training.
Innovation has been the key to driving small appliance sales in recent years, but we are also beginning to see consumers that are interested in getting back to basics again, said Debra Mednick, executive director and home industry analyst, The NPD Group, Inc.
The college hosted two intensive woodwork courses - a five-day course to build "The Anarchist's Tool Chest" and a two-day course to build "The Dutch Tool Chest" - both of which focus on getting back to basics.