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get across

1. Literally, to traverse something. How are we supposed to get across the river if there's no bridge? Do you think we'll be able to get across, or is it too narrow?
2. To transport someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "across." Don't worry, I'll get you across the river, even if I have to carry you.
3. To convey something so that it is understood. A noun or pronoun can be used between "get" and "across." What message are you trying to get across in this advertisement? It's not clear enough to me. I'm not sure how to get my point across to you.
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get someone or something across something

 and get someone or something across
to transport someone or something across something. We have to get every one across the bridge before the flood waters rise any more. Let's get the truck across also. It's foolhardy to try to get your car across the desert without a few gallons of water with you.
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get something across

(to someone) Go to put something across (to someone).
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get across (something)

to manage to cross something. We finally got across the river where it was very shallow. Where the water was low, it was easy to get across.
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get across

1. Also, get it across. Make understandable or clear, as in I tried to get my point across, or He'll have to get it across to the others. [Late 1800s]
2. Also, come across. Be convincing, impress on others, as in How can I get across to the students? or The headmaster's announcement comes across as a criticism of the faculty. [c. 1920] Also see put across.
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get across

1. To cross something; traverse something: How are we going to get across the swamp? The bridge was long, but once we got across, we were treated to a view of the cliffs.
2. To cause someone or something to cross something: The tow truck driver got the stalled car across the bridge.
3. To make something understandable or clear; successfully communicate something: I got my point across by giving lots of examples. You'll get your message across if you speak clearly.
4. get across to To find a way to communicate convincingly: Once the teacher was able to get across to the students, the lessons went very well.
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I think things are getting across to the players - I know they are - but you can't coach mistakes.
It's also getting across the message that a lot of people will know the person who has spiked your drink.
Chief Supt Gary Calvert, North Tyneside area commander, said: "This campaign is focusing on stopping opportunist thefts and getting across the importance of crime prevention to our communities.
Hitchcock ingeniously found other visual ways of getting across the power and force of boxing.
The zero tolerance message seems to be getting across, thanks to the Birmingham Mail.
It's great news for all the Cardiff fans and means we don't have to worry anymore about getting across London, catching buses or paying expensive taxi fares.
Eyebrows are also very useful for getting across how we feel - they become very animated when we express emotions such as anger or surprise.
As we got closer we could see it was the bin man who was emptying bins at the local pub escorting an elderly lady who was having difficulty getting across due to road works.
Captain Wilfred Nevill of the 8th Battalion, the East Surrey Regiment, who came up with the idea of giving his men footballs as a brave if bizarre means of getting across no-man's land, is one of the individuals featured.
While the healthy eating message seems to be getting across, the next challenge facing olive oil suppliers is educating consumers on the versatility of olive oil for use in cooking.
Our reputation for offering access to the largest dentist networks and providing hassle-free service to our client groups and enrollees is getting across well, particularly here within the mid-Atlantic brokerage and purchasing communities.
At 27 you sense there's more to come, but to be remembered as a truly great player, he knows he'll have to start getting across the line in Majors.
The idea is to try to reduce the number of bikers coming to grief by offering riding advice, road info and getting across a message of "enjoy bikes but stay safe".
Durham Det Supt Andy Reddick said: "This campaign was all about raising awareness and getting across the clear message that if someone does not consent to sex then it is rape.
But the anti-bullying message seems to getting across, with incidents in city schools tumbling for the third consecutive year.