get above (oneself)

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get above (oneself)

To act in a conceited manner. Primarily heard in UK. Geez, you've gotten above yourself these days—the rest of us have opinions worth hearing, too, you know!
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get above yourself

If someone gets above themselves, they act as if they are more important than they really are. I just think you're getting a little bit above yourself. I did not like the way he had clearly got above himself.
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be/get aˈbove yourself

(disapproving) behave as if you are better or more important than you really are: She’s getting a bit above herself. She’s only been working for me for two weeks and already she’s telling me what to do!
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get above

1. To come to a position over or on top of something: I finally got above the wave and gasped for air.
2. To assume a superior attitude toward something so that one is no longer concerned with its problems and no longer worrying about it: Once you get above all this bickering, the answer should become clear.
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This week Pardew stated that nobody at the club's Benton base is getting above themselves and expecting an easy ride ahead.
Politics and politicians once again getting above themselves.
Whether it's the 21st century or not, the subtext is always that these minxes are getting above themselves.
NOW that councils are getting above themselves or, in other words, getting too big for their boots, fresh thinking must be applied.
It raised a few smiles after the clash between Prince Charles and Charles Clarke, the Education Secretary, over the Prince's alleged comments about people getting above themselves.
It seems to me they're getting above themselves in the dressing room when the should be playing for the benefit of the team.
A lot of bands have split up due to ego clashes - people getting above themselves and thinking they can do things by themselves.
I've got my standards, after all, and we can't have the serfs getting above themselves.
But then, it's been quite a week all round for the girlies getting above themselves.