get above (oneself)

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get above (oneself)

To act in a conceited manner. Primarily heard in UK. Geez, you've gotten above yourself these days—the rest of us have opinions worth hearing, too, you know!
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get above yourself

If someone gets above themselves, they act as if they are more important than they really are. I just think you're getting a little bit above yourself. I did not like the way he had clearly got above himself.
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be/get aˈbove yourself

(disapproving) behave as if you are better or more important than you really are: She’s getting a bit above herself. She’s only been working for me for two weeks and already she’s telling me what to do!
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get above

1. To come to a position over or on top of something: I finally got above the wave and gasped for air.
2. To assume a superior attitude toward something so that one is no longer concerned with its problems and no longer worrying about it: Once you get above all this bickering, the answer should become clear.
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References in classic literature ?
He is indeed presumptuous, and getting above himself; and nothing less than a flog- ging will do for him.
The winter storm warnings also stand in sharp contrast to Monday temperatures, with parts of the Midwest getting above 70 degrees.
There will be similar temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures not really getting above 5-6degC at all, and below that for many areas.
It was a back and forth game with the lead never getting above 6 points for either team.
Healy branded the Ards defeat a "wake up call" and said it would "make sure we aren't getting above ourselves".
MIANWALI -- The Plant Protection experts advised farmers to use modern varieties of cotton seeds for getting above 2800 kg per acre cotton yield and also spray their yields with prescribed pesticides to avoid pests.
"We've produced decent stuff this year but there have also been days when we've let ourselves down and we're not getting above our station.
Temperatures have plummeted, with most of the Midlands and the North not getting above freezing point today.
I think it will start getting above freezing about 9am.
Pupils supported by the city's Community Languages Project - many who don't have English as a first language - have also done well, with 84% of those who studied Arabic, Bengali, Chinese and Polish getting A* or A grades, and all getting above a C.
Was the "Welsh Not" introduced and implemented by the colonial English or was it imposed by a Welsh elite getting above themselves?
Eleven students were awarded high distinction certificates by securing above 95 percent and 10 received distinction certificates by getting above 90 percent.
There are 578 senior government officials getting paid BD3,000 to BD4,000 a month and another 161 getting above BD4,000, according to parliament services committee vice-chairwoman Roaa'a Al Hayki.
"It would be getting above your station to think it will be anything other than a massive challenge.