get down

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get (one) down

To cause someone to feel saddened, depressed, discouraged, or dejected. The thought of working for a faceless corporation really gets me down. His rejection from Harvard has really gotten Stephen down.
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get (something) down

1. To be or become proficient at (doing) something. I know the music is difficult to play, so you just have to keep practicing until you get it down. After years of working in data entry, I've got Excel spreadsheets down.
2. To eat or drink something. I'm just going to get this burger down before I head out the door. Here, get this tea down. It will help your nerves. I don't know how I managed to get that medicine down, it tasted awful!
3. To commit something to writing; to write something down. Here, get my number down. You can call me anytime you like. I always try to get my dreams down as soon as I wake up, or else I forget them altogether.
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get someone or something down (from something)

to bring someone or something down from a higher place. See if you can get my cat down from the tree. Please get down the sugar from the top shelf.
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get someone or something down something

 and get someone or something down
to manage to put or force something downward. We finally got her down the stairs, but it was a struggle. Don had to push and push to get his laundry down the chute.
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get someone down

to depress a person; to make a person very sad. My dog ran away, and it really got me down. Oh, that's too bad. Don't let it get you down.
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get something down (in black and white)

 and get something down (on paper); get something down*
Fig. to record some important information in writing. (Alludes to the black of ink and the white of paper.) Be sure to get his statement down in black and white. I'm glad we have agreed on a price. I want to get it down in black and white. Get down every word of it! This is important. Please get it down on paper.
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get down (from something)

to get off something; to climb down from something. Please get down from there this instant! Get down before you fall!
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get down (on all fours)

to position oneself on one's hands and knees. He got down on all fours and played with the children. Mary got down and walked around like a dog.
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get down

1. Sl. to lay one's money on the table. (Gambling.) Okay, every body get down. Get down, and let's get going!
2. Sl. to concentrate; to do something well. I'm flunking two subjects, man. I gotta get down. Come on, Sam, pay attention. Get down and learn this stuff.
3. Sl. to copulate. Hey, let's get down! All Steve wants to do is get down all the time.
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get down

1. Descend; bring down; also, swallow. For example, He's getting down from the ladder, or Can you get the cat down from the tree? or I can't seem to get this pill down. [Late 1500s]
2. get down to. Give one's attention to, as in Let's get down to work, or It's time we got down to business. [Late 1800s] For the most important variants, see under get down to brass tacks.
3. get down on. See down on.
4. get someone down. Discourage or depress someone. For example, Don't let Mary's troubles get you down, or Day after day of rain really gets me down. [c. 1930]
5. Describe in writing, as in Can you get down all he's saying?
6. Lose one's inhibitions, enjoy oneself fully. For example, At our reunion we got down with all our old friends. [Slang]
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get down

1. To descend or climb off of something: He got down off the table and stood in the middle of the kitchen. Get down off the roof before you fall!
2. To cause someone or something to descend or climb off of something: I tried to get the cat down from the tree.
3. To lower oneself by crouching or lying, especially on the ground or the floor: When the thieves started shooting, we all got down and covered our heads.
4. Slang To exhaust, discourage, or depress someone: The awful heat was getting me down.
5. To swallow something: I got the pill down by taking it with a large glass of water.
6. To master something: I finally got my Latin vocabulary down, and I'm ready for the test.
7. To put something in written form; to write down: I couldn't get down her name before my pen broke. The teacher spoke so fast that the students couldn't get it all down.
8. get down to To begin putting effort into something: We need to get down to work.
9. get down to To begin focusing attention on something: Let's get down to the basic facts and find out what really happened.
10. Slang To lose one's inhibitions; enjoy oneself wholeheartedly: Let's just get down and enjoy the party.
11. Slang To start dancing with great gusto and style: After they ate, the guests got down and boogied.
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get down

1. in. to lay one’s money on the table. (Gambling.) Get down, and let’s get going!
2. in. to concentrate; to do something well. Come on, Sam, pay attention. Get down and learn this stuff.
3. in. to copulate. All Steve wants to do is get down all the time.
4. in. to dance. Whenever I hear that band, I really want to get down.
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References in periodicals archive ?
He gets us down into the right areas, works well with Andrew Baggett and he is not scared to tell the forwards to get out of the way.
This bill gets us down the road but we've got to keep working on it," Peters said in an interview after a campaign event in Kalamazoo.
We get a little bit too frantic, we should just carry on playing with the mentality that gets us down into the 22," Brown says.
That gets us down a little bit, but to see us put up zeroes, that's good .
Each bit of this data theoretically gets us down the road to understanding what the true state of the economy is.
Depending on the region of the country, weather, and the industry in which the salesperson sells, it is likely that there are no significant sales activities taking place for about 10 weeks per year, which gets us down to 300 calls per year.
IT'S not just the bad weather that gets us down at this time of year.
Happily, the marvellous pilot gets us down and appreciation is shown by aloud and genuine round of applause.
It really gets us down with the violence and we can't get anyone to mind him for us now, we used to have a babysitter but Callum threw a bottle at her.
Derek, 38, said: "Karen and I both love beach holidays and the weather here really gets us down.
Sometimes there is a lot of negativity from the fans," Garvey said "We heard negative comments to some players when we played at Bath - and that gets us down a bit.
If the football gets us down at times in the months ahead, we should at least console ourselves with the thought that simply having such a major presence in the Premiership is cause for celebration ( for the region as a whole.
The weather sometimes gets us down, but apart from that the people are fantastic and there is a lot more focus on rugby in Wales, which is great.
She added: "It gets us down that we can't go out and spend hundreds of pounds on presents.