get under (one's) skin

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get under (one's) skin

1. To become a source of irritation. I just can't stand Dean's voice, so everything he says gets under my skin.
2. To be a source of obsession. I can't get that beautiful girl I met earlier off my mind. She's just gotten under my skin.
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get under someone's skin

Fig. to bother or irritate someone. John is so annoying. He really gets under my skin. I know he's bothersome, but don't let him get under your skin.
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get under your skin

1. If something gets under your skin, it annoys or worries you. The continuing criticism is starting to get under his skin. Try not to let his comments get under your skin.
2. If someone or something gets under your skin, they start to interest you and you want to know more about them. After a couple of episodes, the characters start to get under your skin.
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get under somebody’s ˈskin

(informal) attract or disturb somebody: I’ve tried to forget her, but I know that I’ve got her under my skin.He gets under his opponents’ skins and they make stupid mistakes.
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get under (someone's) skin

1. To irritate or stimulate; provoke.
2. To preoccupy someone; become an obsession.
See also: get, skin
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But I also want to know what gets under your skin and what's shocked, amused or touched you over the week.
It's a poignant, haunting and humane little film (the budget was a mere PS120,000) that gets under your skin.
Studies of nearly naked pole dancers highlight diCorcia the provocateur, but it's the enigmatic subtlety of his pictures that really gets under your skin.
REBECCA BLACK'S FRIDAY: Laughable lyrics and an annoyingly catchy tune which gets under your skin.
The town gets under your skin and there is so much that is different about the place, so many different people, it is an ideal place to write about.
MICHAEL HANEKE'S brilliant thriller ``Cache (Hidden)'' gets under your skin from the opening shot, a street view of the entrance to a gated town house.
It's hypnotic and gets under your skin without rubbing you the wrong way.
MORE infectious than a good tune, scabies is a condition that literally gets under your skin.
In the end, this book gets under your skin in a way one imagines that those who exploited and examined the Hottentot Venus did hers.
I wasn't even with this girl that long, but she was the type of girl that gets under your skin and infects your whole life.
All this quickly gets under your skin when you start trying it on the computer," Trefethen says, adding that it becomes an addictive pastime.
As proof, "Fear and Time" is a calm melody that gets under your skin.
This, my birthright, gives a sence of place that gets under your skin like a swamp leech or a good story out for blood The region gives you toast or beignets with jam The R&B, Blues, and Reggae rhythms spice Saturday-night suppers and street parades when the Grand Marshall leads the 2nd line after a funeral or any good excuse to party where umbrellas dance
The professor of curating at Goldsmiths, University of London added: "Bacon's work gets under your skin.