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Fictional rebel Mary (real-life rebel Jessica Biel) gets the boot when the Camdens decide they can't control her - or the actress's demands to leave the series - anymore.
If the Navy gets the boot, troops would be expected to withdraw by 2003.
Probably as he knows that if he gets the boot he'll be odds-on to replace the next Premier League manager sacked.
One of the best singers gets the boot and the worst by far gets put through.
Instead of voting for which celebrity gets the boot, viewers are invited to vote on line for their favourite paint.
The mansion guests will have a week before public voting begins and the most popular contestant will decide which of the two least favourites gets the boot.
It doesn't matter whether he resigns or gets the boot.
ay THE head of book and stationery chain WHSmith fuelled rumours she could replace Marc Bolland at M&S - if he gets the boot.