get round

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get round

To spread among a number of people, as of news, rumors, etc. When news of this tax scandal gets round, your career in politics will be finished!
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get round (someone)

1. To persuade someone about something or persuade someone to do something, especially through the use of charm, flattery, or cajolery. If we play up the department's excellent productivity for the day, we might be able to get round the boss to let us take the afternoon off. I don't mind if you go for an ice cream, but you'd better get round your father first.
2. To evade or circumvent the authority of someone. We'll have to find a way to get round the accountant if we want this tax scheme to work.
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get round (something)

To solve, overcome, avoid, or circumvent some difficulty, problem, or obstacle. We got round the overheating problem by installing an additional air vent. Many people try to get round their taxes in one way or another, but most of them end up paying even more in fines.
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Russell spends most of his time making other people drinks but when he gets round to making his own it is usually a pint of Guinness.
Don't think those displaced fans will be joining in when Mr Ryan gets round to belting out "Beautiful Noise
BICYCLING tousle-haired Tory MP Boris Johnson has written the book which every political journalist and Johnson falls into that category, too promises himself he will write, but never gets round to.
Perhaps the cats will make the local fox hunts redundant before the Government ever gets round to banning them.
Once he gets round the corner he will be the Fowler of old.
I hope he gets round Cheltenham safely, and then a long, healthy retirement.
Creative gets round this with a compression codec called apt-X, but this requires you to attach the bundled dongle.
The play area is limited but the game ingeniously gets round this by switching between three time periods.
We are expecting it to be inundated with youngsters once the word gets round.
The GRA believes its "blue flu" demonstration gets round a ban on strikes by police.
He's used to giving weight away and did things well at Clonmel last time, so if he gets round he must have his chance.
Remembering how well Paul Nicholls' charge was going when he was brought down four fences from the finish last year, you have to believe that with a clear run he looks a certainty to finish in the first 16 provided he gets round.