get itchy feet

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get itchy feet

To feel the urge to stray from one's routine, often by traveling. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Every so often, Claire gets itchy feet and sets off for a foreign destination.
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get (or have) itchy feet

be restless; have a strong urge to travel or move from place to place. informal
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get/have itchy ˈfeet

(informal) a desire to travel, move house, change your job, etc: He never stays in a job long. He gets itchy feet after two or three years.
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But if he gets itchy feet, Kingsclere could eventually beckon, before he takes the final plunge some day and sets up on his own.
He's never spent more than a season anywhere but he insists it's not because he gets itchy feet. The frontman is just desperate to nail down a regular role and he reckons he can see out the four-year deal he signed late on Monday night.
The former Liverpool hero added: "Any youngster gets itchy feet after a couple of weeks' rest because they just want to play football again.
When you have grown up playing two of the toughest sports, then being forced to do nothing, it is easy to see why Appleton gets itchy feet.
But when a player gets itchy feet there is little point in trying to hang on to him.
The whole thing is fanatically controlled by the show's director Christof (Ed Harris), so when Truman gets itchy feet and starts to suspect something might be going on, Christof does everything he can to protect his investment.