get into (one's) stride

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get into (one's) stride

To become comfortable with something. It took a few weeks, but I think I've finally gotten into my stride at my new job. I know that Rob has been struggling a bit since he joined the team, but I'm confident that he'll get into his stride soon enough.
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get into one's stride

1. Lit. [for a runner] to reach a comfortable and efficient pace. I got into my stride right away, and that helped win the race. She never got into her stride, and that's why she lost.
2. Fig. to reach one's most efficient and productive rate of doing something. When I get into my stride, I'll be more efficient. Amy will be more efficient when she gets into her stride.
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get into your stride


hit your stride

COMMON If you get into your stride or hit your stride, you start to do something well and confidently, after being slower or less certain at the beginning. The Government is getting into its stride and seems, for the moment, to be fulfilling its promises. He's still learning but when he hits his stride, he'll be unstoppable.
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get into your ˈstride

(British English) (American English hit (your) ˈstride) begin to do something with confidence and at a good speed after a slow, uncertain start: She found the job difficult at first, but now she’s got into her stride and she loves it.
See also: get, stride
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Sadly, just as he gets into his stride, he is dealt a blow which makes his world implode.
But once he gets into his stride, his old midfield partner believes the Hoops will struggle to hold him.
He's had some bad injuries but once he gets into his stride, and I mean this with no disrespect to Villa, he will play for one of the big clubs.
Nicknamed "The Sonsation", he likes to run with the ball and shoot from distance, and can be hard to stop once he gets into his stride.
He often makes things harder than necessary for himself with slow starts, but quickly gets into his stride and can turn close to the action before asserting along the back stretch.
It's not normally until October that he gets into his stride and I think you will see the same thing again.
But it is expected it will only be a matter of time before the former Australian Test captain gets into his stride.
If he writes like a matey geography teacher, hovering on just the wrong side of patronising--cartographers are 'those remarkably clever people who make maps'--once he gets into his stride, he delivers a lot of information with little fuss, and without losing sight of the destination: 'if you spend all your time looking at the map, you won't see anything'.
David Beckham gets into his stride as he trains for England yesterday
If the pack can actually start to win a bit more of their ball at the lineouts, and Freeman Payne really gets into his stride, who knows where Merseyside's star side will finish.
And while Campbell plays a waiting game for his chance, Earnshaw believes he will be a popular player once he gets into his stride.
Jasper remains a wonderful and enthusiastic story-teller once he gets into his stride.
It really is like watching a man against boys when Yaya gets into his stride.
Dave Firmager's dog can be a little hit-or-miss at the start, but soon gets into his stride and can capitalise on a good make-up outside Westmead Logan, who could tangle with Greenacre Josh early if the last-named does not repeat his modest semi-final trap exit.
OFF AND RUNNING: Huddersfield's hat trick hero Stuart Cocker gets into his stride against Runcorn Highfield at Fartown.