get (one's) head around (something)

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get (one's) head around (something)

To understand something that is challenging or confusing. It took a while, but I've finally gotten my head around this chapter in my calculus textbook. Wait, you two are dating now? It's going to take a little while for me to get my head around that!
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get your head around something


get your head round something

If you get your head around a fact or an idea, you succeed in understanding it or accepting it. It's hard to get your head round figures this big. At first I was ridiculed because people simply could not get their head around what I was telling them. Note: In American and British English you can also say that you get your mind around something or in British English that you get your mind round something. This is less informal than get your head around something. MacGregor quickly got his mind round complicated issues.
See also: around, get, head, something

get your head round (or around) something

understand or come to terms with something. informal
See also: get, head, round, something

get your ˈhead round something

(British English, informal) understand something difficult, often with a lot of effort: The plan is so complicated — I’m still trying to get my head round it.
See also: get, head, round, something
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And the boss who has now steered Norwich into the Premier League insists fellow ex-Celt and former AC Milan star di Canio will adapt more quickly to England's bottom tier once he gets his head around the fact the opponents in black and white are Hereford and not Juventus.
ARSENE Wenger's main Champions League problem will be how Cesc Fabregas gets his head around playing a g a i n s t h i s b e l oved Barcelona.
I think once Joel gets his head around being locked up he will get his head down and make himself a better person if he can.
Coaching points: Make sure the receiver gets his head around quickly to focus on the ball.
He certainly impressed the rest of the squad in training and when he gets his head around the extra physical and mental demands of the international game he's going to make out fine.