get (one's) hands dirty

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get (one's) hands dirty

1. To do hard work, often manual labor. There is nothing more rewarding to me than getting my hands dirty in my garden. I really appreciate you guys getting your hands dirty and helping us move.
2. To be involved in something illegal or unseemly. Uncle Pete has been avoiding us ever since we discovered that he gets his hands dirty working for the mob. No one can know about my police record—I don't want people to think that I still get my hands dirty.
See also: dirty, get, hand

get your hands dirty

COMMON If you get your hands dirty, you do difficult, dirty or routine work. I never get my hands dirty raising money the hard way. The guys at the top make all the money, while the people actually getting their hands dirty make very little. Compare with not dirty your hands.
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get your hands dirty (or dirty your hands)

1 do manual, menial, or other hard work. 2 become directly involved in dishonest or dishonourable activity. informal
1 1998 Spectator Unlike its sister churches in the West, the Catholic Church in the Philippines is not afraid to get its hands dirty.
See also: dirty, get, hand

get your ˈhands dirty

do physical work: He’s not frightened of getting his hands dirty.
See also: dirty, get, hand
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She absolutely gets her hands dirty changing diapers on the regular and is really attentive and makes sure Stormi is eating and sleeping enough.
She just quietly turns up at Scout groups in Anglesey or inner London and gets her hands dirty.
For once, Davina McCall gets her hands dirty as she joins in Last Chance Training.
GROWING UNDERSTANDING: Three-year-old Freya Deans of Tweedmouth gets her hands dirty making her own biosphere at Alnwick Garden yesterday.
Even after her character, Ada, loses her upbringing and gets her hands dirty as a farmer, her hair retains that $6,000-a-day-stylist look.
CHANGE OF CAREER: Jill Dempsey gets her hands dirty (top) and at work on one of her garden designs.
GET A WRIGGLE ON: Denise Felton gets her hands dirty with some worms Picture: RICHARD WILLIAMS
SLIPPERY CUSTOMER Lad enjoying a slide yesterday GREEN IS FOR GOO Jade Lizmore, aged 10, gets her hands dirty SWINGIN' TIME Rebecca Markey, 10, and pal Aimee Mitchell , nine.