get back to basics

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get back to basics

To return to the fundamental aspects of something. Since you're struggling to play chords, let's get back to basics and look at the notes on the scale.
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get back to basics


go back to basics

If you get back to basics or go back to basics, you concentrate on simple, important ideas or activities. It helps to get back to basics and say explicitly how we want to satisfy our target customer. This is about going back to basics, learning about a healthy diet and approaching food in a new way. Note: Back-to-basics can be used before nouns. We need a new back-to-basics drive to raise standards of literacy in Britain's schools.
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get/go back to ˈbasics

think about the simple or most important ideas within a subject or an activity instead of new ideas or complicated details: It’s time for us all to get back to basics and concentrate on what really matters.
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I just hope the manager gets back to basics. He brought Gylfi Sigurdsson into the club as their record signing but he hasn't played in his correct position yet.
having successfully created Adriano Zumbo's croquembouche!), it is when the television show gets back to basics that I learn the most about the subtleties of cooking techniques I either missed or was not taught on my cooking journey.
after the fan-boy chaos of Wreck-it ralph, Disney gets back to basics in enchanting fashion.
At least Jamie Oliver gets back to basics, rather than bamboozling with complicated recipes.
At least this one gets back to basics, rather than bamboozle you with complicated recipes for food not every member of the family will enjoy.
"In this day and age of computers and video games," Strzeszewski told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "it gets back to basics and introduces [kids] to the outdoors.
It's only when he gets back to basics on the likes of Riptide and When The River Moves On that the magic returns.
Visions for future progress, no matter how well thought out, are unlikely to materialise until the council gets back to basics by sorting out its IT woes.
So, like, maybe you could be naked ordering a pizza Juliette Lewis gets back to basics I was just star-struck.
At least Jamie Oliver's gets back to basics, rather than bamboozling you with complicated recipes.
Now after the ambitious acoustic/electric double album In Your Honor and the Greatest Hits, Diamond Dave gets back to basics and returns to his Nirvana roots.
DR JOHN Creole Moon (EMI): After collaborating with a bunch of British youngsters and then dedicating a disc to the music of Duke Ellington, the grand middle-aged man of New Orleans gets back to basics with this portrait of the music to be found shining beneath that South Louisiana crescent.
Two departments, the underwater search unit and the mounted branch, will be abolished as the force gets back to basics.