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1. An escape. We made a getaway before the police arrived and found us at the scene of the crime. We need to make a getaway before Great-Aunt Mildred arrives, or else we'll be stuck listening to her for hours!
2. A vacation or trip. A: "I could sure use a tropical getaway right about now." B: "Unfortunately, all I can offer you is some more spreadsheets."
3. A place one uses as a retreat. We have a getaway in the country that we like to go to on the weekends.

getaway car

A vehicle used by a criminal to escape the scene of a crime. Even though they wore masks during the robbery, police were able to track the criminals down from the license plate on their getaway car. My theory is that one person went in and stole the diamonds, while another waited outside in the getaway car.
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getaway sticks

slang The legs, especially when engaged in the act of fleeing. Come on, we'd better put our getaway sticks to use if we don't want to get caught!
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make a getaway

To escape. We made a getaway before the police arrived and found us at the scene of the crime. We need to make a getaway before Great-Aunt Mildred arrives, or else we'll be stuck listening to her for hours!
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nice getaway sticks

slang Used to compliment someone's legs as attractive. ("Getaway sticks" are a slang term for the legs.) A: "Hey, gorgeous—nice getaway sticks." B: "Get lost, creep." In her youth, your grandmother had some nice getaway sticks. Very fine gams indeed.
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1. n. an escape from the law. (Originally underworld.) There was no time to make a getaway, so we had to talk to Mrs. Wilson.
2. n. a place to escape to; a hideaway. The lover had a little hideaway in a small town on the state line.
3. n. a quick vacation. What you need is a weekend getaway.
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