get your teeth into something

get (one's) teeth into (something)

To start doing or become involved in something with one's utmost energy, determination, or enthusiasm. I'm always looking for a great book to get my teeth into. I'd like you to get your teeth into this new project I'm developing.
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get your teeth into something


sink your teeth into something

COMMON If you get your teeth into something or sink your teeth into it, you do it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We've not had an interesting legal case to get our teeth into for weeks. I like a nice substantial project to sink my teeth into.
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get/sink your ˈteeth into something

(informal) put effort and enthusiasm into something that is difficult enough to keep you interested: This job is too easy. Why can’t they give me something I can really get my teeth into?
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You get your teeth into something and don't let it go."