get (one's) money's worth

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get (one's) money's worth

To get a proportionate or sufficient level of satisfaction on one's investment of money, time, effort, etc., in an item, event, or activity. Admission to the museum was so expensive that I felt like I had to stay all day just to get my money's worth. We certainly didn't get our money's worth out of that toy—it broke in a day! Suzie is really trying to get her money's worth out there on the playground—she's playing hard!
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get one's money's worth

Receive good value, as in They performed four extra songs, so we really got our money's worth, or We got our money's worth at the beach-there wasn't a cloud in the sky. This expression often but not always refers to a monetary expenditure.
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get/have your ˈmoney’s worth

get good value for the money you have spent: What an exciting final it was! The crowd certainly had its money’s worth.The movie was only an hour long, so we felt that that we didn’t really get our money’s worth.
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WORCESTER - When you're walking into a Vince Gill show, there's one thing you know you can take to the bank (or, to be venue-appropriate, the credit union): No matter what sort of show he is doing, you will get your money's worth.
So get your money's worth out of IREM by networking at our upcoming meetings and seminars, such as Regional Leadership Conferences and Professional Development Seminars, where peer professionals whom you'd like to learn from are already assembled.