get wise to

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get wise (to someone or something)

To find out, become aware of, more fully understand, and/or no longer be deceived (by something or someone). I've been taking small supplies from the office for a long time, but I think the boss is getting wise. People are finally starting to get wise to the need for environmental protection.
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get wise to (someone or something)

To become fully aware or cognizant of someone or something, especially if he, she, or it is suspicious, illegal, or malicious in nature or intention. We'd better watch our step—I think the police are getting wise to us! I hope my brother doesn't get wise to my scheme to take over the company.
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get wise to

Also be wise to. See through the deception of; also, become aware of. For example, It took a while, but she finally got wise to Fred's lies, or I'm wise to the fact that her clothes come from a thrift shop. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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be/get ˈwise to somebody/something

(informal) be/become aware of something or aware of somebody’s (usually bad) behaviour: When did you first get wise to what was happening?He thought he could fool me but I’m wise to him.
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