give somebody/get what for

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get (the) what for

To be thoroughly and intensely punished, rebuked, scolded, or berated. I got the what for from my parents last night for taking the car without permission. I got what for from the boss when I lost the company that big account.
See also: get, what

give (one) (the) what for

To punish, rebuke, scold, or berate one thoroughly and intensely. I told her a thousand times not to take the car without asking! Well, I'll give her what for when she gets home. The boss is quick to give you the what for if you make even a minor mistake.
See also: give, what

give somebody what ˈfor


ˈgive it to somebody

(British English, spoken) punish somebody severely: If you take my car again without asking me, I’ll give you what for.The manager will really give it to you when he finds out what you’ve done.
See also: give, somebody, what

give somebody/get what ˈfor

(British English, spoken) punish somebody/be punished, usually severely: I’ll give her what for if she does that again.If you steal any more of my apples, you’ll get what for.
See also: get, give, somebody, what