get up to

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get up to (something)

1. To move up to a physical height, point, or position. Wait, the elevator's broken? How are we supposed to get up to the 26th floor? If I can get up to the top of that hill, I'll be able to see how much farther we have to walk to reach our campsite.
2. To reach a particular point of progression in something before completing it. I've only gotten up to chapter 10, so don't spoil anything for me! We got up to the part in the movie where the main character crash lands in Antarctica.
3. To do something. Used especially in questions or in reference to that which is not allowed or entirely proper. What have you and Janet been getting up to since I last saw you? I could tell that she was getting up to her old tricks again.
4. To reach an appropriate or acceptable level or condition. I'll ride with Sharon. She still needs to get up to date, so I'll fill her in on the way there. I'd say we're looking at another three months before the software gets up to snuff. The car is having trouble getting up to speed on the highway.
5. To cause someone or something to reach an appropriate or acceptable level or condition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "get" and "up." Tom, will you please get the rest of the team up to speed on the status of the project? We're bringing in some outside developers to get the product up to scratch.
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get up to something

1. Lit. to climb up to something, at a certain height or level. We finally got up to the top. How long will it take to get up to the tenth floor?
2. Fig. to arrive as far as something. We got up to the halfway point and stopped. Will I ever get up to the finish line? I'm so tired of running!
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