get under skin

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get under (one's) skin

1. To become a source of irritation. I just can't stand Dean's voice, so everything he says gets under my skin.
2. To be a source of obsession. I can't get that beautiful girl I met earlier off my mind. She's just gotten under my skin.
3. To gain a rich, thorough understanding of one. A: "How did you know he would make that decision?" B: "Oh, I feel like I've gotten under his skin since we've been spending so much time together lately."
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get under someone's skin

Fig. to bother or irritate someone. John is so annoying. He really gets under my skin. I know he's bothersome, but don't let him get under your skin.
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get under (someone's) skin

1. To irritate or stimulate; provoke.
2. To preoccupy someone; become an obsession.
See also: get, skin