get to the point

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get to the point

To reach the most important or crucial part of something. OK, I have to leave soon, so please get to the point of your story.
See also: get, point

come to the point and get to the point

to get to the important part (of something). He has been talking a long time. I wish he would come to the point. We are talking about money, Bob! Come on, get to the point.
See also: and, come, get, point

get to the point (of something)

Fig. to arrive at a discussion or explanation of the purpose of something. Please get to the point of all this. Will you kindly get to the point?
See also: get, point

come/get (straight) to the ˈpoint

talk about the most important problem, matter, etc. immediately rather than have a general conversation first: Stop avoiding the issue and come to the point!Let me get straight to the point. I don’t think you’ll pass this exam unless you work harder.
See also: come, get, point

get to the point, to

To speak plainly; to address the main issue. This expression, which in British parlance is usually phrased come to the point, dates from Chaucer’s time. Chaucer himself wrote in the “Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales, “This is the poynt, to speken short and pleyn.”
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