get somewhere/anywhere/nowhere

get anywhere

To make progress. Did you guys get anywhere in the negotiations today? Ugh, I'm not getting anywhere with my research right now.
See also: anywhere, get

get somewhere

To make or begin making progress. We got delayed by all the legal hurdles, but now we're finally getting somewhere with the construction. So it was your wife who signed the contract on your behalf? OK, now we're getting somewhere.
See also: get, somewhere

get nowhere

Also, not get anywhere. Make no progress, as in I've tried to put this together, but I'm getting nowhere with it. This expression is sometimes intensified as get nowhere fast, as in I tried phoning but got nowhere fast. [Early 1900s] Also see get somewhere; get there.
See also: get, nowhere

get somewhere

Make progress. For example, The foundation has been laid, so we're finally getting somewhere. Also see get nowhere; get there.
See also: get, somewhere

ˈget somewhere/anywhere/nowhere

make some/no progress: Now at last we’re getting somewhere!You’ll get nowhere in life if you don’t work harder.Are you getting anywhere with that new manager?