get someone's dander up

get (one's) dander up

To become annoyed or angry. Don't get your dander up with me—I'm just trying have a conversation here. I know I got my dander up a bit last night, so I understand why you're avoiding me.
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get someone's dander up

If someone or something gets your dander up, they make you feel very angry. I read the article and have to admit, it really got my dander up. Note: The origin of the word `dander' is unknown.
See also: dander, get, up
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get someone's dander up, to

To make someone very angry. The origin of this term is disputed. Most likely “dander” comes from the Dutch donder, for “thunder,” but there are numerous other theories. The earliest reference in print dates from 1830, in Seba Smith’s Letters of Major Jack Downing: “When a Quaker gets his dander up it’s like a Northwester.” Also see get someone's back up.
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