get smart

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get smart (with one)

To make disrespectful comments to one; to sass one. Just take out the trash like I asked you to, and don't get smart with me.
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get smart (with someone)

Fig. to become fresh with someone; to talk back to someone. Don't you get smart with me! If you get smart again, I'll bop you.
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get smart

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Just recently, a man calling himself Gary Cruz has been posing as a Smart representative and offering to help people get Smart postpaid plans online.
"The adoption of smart air purifiers in China has been accelerating since leading IT brands launched their smart air purifier models in the Chinese market," Richard Jun Li, Vice President of Innova Research commented, "as a result, the trend of air purifiers to get smart will bring tremendous market opportunities for companies in the Chinese smart air purifier value chain, including air quality sensor suppliers and wireless connectivity chip and module suppliers."
It's time to "get smart," and hence this 10-chapter exhortation on the efficacious future.
As one designer put it, "We're going to have to get smart about how we design, especially when we're talking about what some people consider a luxury."
He decries the lack of time and money spent on rehabilitation and argues that the system needs to "get smart" rather than "get tough" on crime.