get shot of (someone or something)

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get shot of (someone or something)

To get away from or get rid of someone or something. Your new employee is untrustworthy, and you need to get shot of him sooner than later.
See also: get, of, shot

get shot of someone/something

If you get shot of someone or something, you get rid of them. He didn't want to be seen near me and couldn't wait to get shot of me. City experts still reckon the company wants to get shot of its brewing division. Note: You can also say that you are shot of someone or something. The house was full of bad memories and he was glad to be shot of it.
See also: get, of, shot, someone, something

get (or be) shot of

get (or be) rid of. British informal
See also: get, of, shot

be/get ˈshot of somebody/something

(British English, informal) get rid of somebody/something that you do not want/like or which has given you trouble: It’s time we got shot of this car — it’s falling apart.
See also: get, of, shot, somebody, something