get rocks off

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get (one's) rocks off

1. vulgar slang To reach orgasm, especially through sexual intercourse. Usually said of a male ("rocks" is a vulgar slang term for testicles). He has a reputation of being a tom cat just looking to get his rocks off. I don't want a serious relationship, just a guy I can get my rocks off with every now and then.
2. vulgar slang By extension, to find great enjoyment from something. There are a lot of online trolls who get their rocks off on insulting or annoying other users.
See also: get, off, rock

get one's rocks off

 (on something)
1. Sl. [for a male] to ejaculate. (Considered coarse.) Boys normally don't talk about getting their rocks off.
2. Sl. to enjoy something. (Fixed order.) I really get my rocks off on heavy metal. I've listened to the stuff, but I sure don't get my rocks off on it.
See also: get, off, rock