get rid of

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get rid of (someone or something)

To discard, eliminate, or become free from something or someone. We finally got rid of your younger brother, he's so annoying! Would you please get rid of that filthy couch already?
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get rid of

Also, be rid of. Eliminate, discard, or free oneself from. For example, It's time we got rid of these old newspapers, or He kept calling for months, but now we're finally rid of him. The first expression dates from the mid-1600s, the second from the 1400s. Also see get out of, def. 5.
See also: get, of, rid

get ˈrid of somebody/something

make yourself free of somebody/something that is annoying you or that you do not want; throw something away: Try and get rid of your visitors before I get there.I can’t get rid of this headache.We got rid of all the old furniture.
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get rid of

To rid oneself of (something); discard or get free of: Let's get rid of that broken chair.
See also: get, of, rid
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pylori are developed, says Graham, "we should get rid of every case.
In a separate report in the March 4 NATURE, he and Duke biochemist Irwin Fridovich propose that if the enzyme is missing or not working properly, then free radicals typically generated during nerve-ceil activity may build up and slowly destroy neUrons Thus, the finding suggests that therapies to get rid of free radicals may slow the progression of this disease, he adds.
Even as scientists investigate how the enzyme can lead to ALS, Brown expresses hope that companies will start developing and testing drugs that get rid of free radicals to see whether these therapies work against this form of ALS.
The water could be used for irrigating parks or landscaping or - eventually - for replenishing the underground aquifer, rather than creating new farm fields just to get rid of it, committee members say.
It can be as simple as a guy wanting to get rid of the tattoo that says, ``Mary, my love forever'' - when she wasn't - or as complicated as a hard- core ex-con, like Robert Carrano, wanting to get rid of a face-full of tattoos.
Under a plan by Los Angeles County to create a wetland on 200 acres of the wash between the Foothill Freeway and Wentworth Street, officials will get rid of interloping plants and animals such as cowbirds, which will be trapped.
Too many of them were sneaking out to the trash dumpster after dark to get rid of theirs because they were ashamed for anyone to see they were throwing it away.
They don't want to make the guns more efficient, they want to get rid of them,'' said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, a gun owners group based in the Seattle area.
Water-holding containers: Get rid of old tires, bottles, cans and buckets - or empty them.
But we were surprised by how many wanted to get rid of them.
The coach has won a victory off the court, and now he has given an ultimatum to his team's teen-age basketball player with pink hair: Get rid of the pink hair or you don't play.