get over

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get over (something)

1. To recover or heal from some physical or mental ailment. It took her nearly four months to get over that bout of pneumonia. I'd love to play rugby again, but I've been getting over a broken ankle.
2. To accept, feel better about, move on from, or come to terms with something, especially that which has already been established or has happened in the past. John is still getting over his divorce, so he's been a little distant at work. I don't think I'll ever get over losing my job like that. You need to get over the fact that I'm moving to Indonesia next month.
3. To overcome or find the solution to a problem, obstacle, or difficulty. We've had to get over a lot of technical setbacks, but our new website is finally up and running.
See also: get, over

get something over

 (to someone)
1. to deliver something to someone. Get these papers over to Mr. Wilson's office right away. He needs it now, so try to get it over as soon as you can.
2. to make someone understand something; to succeed in explaining something to someone. I finally got the basic concepts of trigonometry over to him. He tries to understand what I'm talking about, but I can't get it over.
See also: get, over

get over someone or something

1. Lit. to move or climb over someone or something. I managed to get over the sand dunes and moved on toward the shoreline. I couldn't get over the huge rock in the path, so I went around it.
2. Fig. to recover from difficulties regarding someone or something. (See also Get over it!.) I almost never got over the shock. Sharon finally got over Tom. He had been such a pest.
See also: get, over

get over something

to recover from a disease. (See also get over someone or something.) It took a long time to get over the flu. I thought I would never get over the mumps.
See also: get, over

get over

 (to some place)
1. to go to some place. I have to get over to Molly's place and pick up some papers. Go ahead and start without me. I'll get over as soon as I can.
2. to cross over something to get somewhere. I want to get over to the other side. I can't find a way to get over!
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get over

1. Overcome, surmount, as in We have finally gotten over our biases. "Late 1600s"
2. Recover from, as in I just got over the flu, or I hope the children get over their parents' divorce quickly. [c. 1700] This usage sometimes appears as get over it, as on a bumper sticker following the 1992 presidential election: "Bush Lost, Get Over It."
3. Also, get over with. Complete, have done with, especially something unpleasant. For example, When I finally got the proofreading over, I was ready for a day off, or I'm glad to get all that dental work over with. It also is put as get it over with, as in I might as well sign the check and get it over with. The first usage dates from the late 1800s, the second from the early 1800s.
See also: get, over

get over

1. To traverse something or reach the other side of something: How do we get over the river? This bridge is too icy; how do we get over?
2. To cause something or someone to traverse or reach someone or something: Please get that money over to me as soon as you can.
3. To recover from something, especially emotionally: They both finally got over their divorce. Your dog ran away a month ago; it's time for you to get over it.
4. To cause someone to recover from something: The beautiful summer weather got me over the sad events of the spring.
5. To overcome or prevail against something: We got over the storm, but the flooding that followed was even worse. The kids never got over their fear of large dogs.
6. To cause someone to prevail against or be sustained through something; tide someone over: I didn't have a job, but the money I had saved got me over.
7. To come to understand or no longer be surprised by something. Used in the negative: I can't get over the fact that he's still living in that awful apartment.
8. get over with To complete some task or ordeal that one does not want to face: Once we get over with the interview, the rest will be easy. If you have to have your tooth pulled, you should go to the dentist and get it over with.
See also: get, over