get/keep somebody onside

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get (someone) onside

To gain someone's support or approval. If we can get the CEO onside, it would definitely help us to further this initiative.
See also: get, onside

keep (someone) onside

To maintain someone's support or approval. If we want to expand our initiative, then we definitely need to keep the CEO onside.
See also: keep, onside

get/keep somebody onˈside

get/keep somebody’s support: The government needs to keep the major national newspapers onside to help win votes in the election.
See also: get, keep, onside, somebody
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The midfielder-turned-manager has been working with Get Onside - a new initiative to help people with mental health problems gain confidence and improve their social skills.
Get Onside is run by East Dunbartonshire community charity Ceartas and training consultancy firm Heartfelt.